What are Tryouts

Teams are formed through in-person, open, age specific tryouts. It is essential that all players attend tryouts to ensure that player placement is as effective, efficient, and appropriate as possible. Our coaches evaluate participants based primarily on individual technical and tactical skill-level. Secondarily, recognition may be paid to more subjective factors (e.g., team continuity/balance, advanced skill, leadership, etc.). We aim to field at least one team at each age group for each gender. We strive to ensure that our first teams are composed of players of the strongest skill and like age/development. If numbers allow, we will form multiple teams at a given age group and, as such, are able to support the developmental needs of all players. Creating our teams this way allows us to register them for competitions at the level most conducive to player development.

What to Expect at Tryouts

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tryout time. Each player will be assigned a bib number when they first arrive for tryouts, including those players that are unable to tryout on that specific day due to injury, illness, or approved family absence. Players who are unable to physically participate in tryouts are expected to show up and obtain their number unless prior arrangements have been made with club personnel, director level or higher. Players will keep this number throughout the entire tryout process.

Players will be divided into small groups and asked to participate in small sided games and other exercises designed to demonstrate skill and knowledge of the game. Players trying out for a goalkeeping position should make this intention known when tryout staff ask during their sessions.

Players are encouraged to attend all tryout dates.


We kindly ask parents to stay away from fields during tryouts. Athletes do best when they can just focus on playing in a tryout setting.

Things to Bring to Tryouts

Appropriate gear: must have shin guards, soccer cleats and/or turf shoes, and water. Optional goalkeeper gloves if applicable.

How Teams are Chosen

At the close of tryouts, evaluations will be collected by the Director of Coaching and reviewed by the Tryout Committee and final results determined. Ultimately, the Director of Coaching is the person who makes the decision on team placements for all players. No parent or player will be provided information about a player’s specific evaluation score or ranking, including their relative rank when compared to other players. There is a strict confidentiality around player rating and performance.
All players, including returning players, are required to try out each year in order to be eligible for the team, unless prior arrangements have been made. Roster spots are not guaranteed from year to year. It is strongly encouraged for players to commit to both Spring and Fall seasons.

Evaluators are instructed not to evaluate their own children, their childrens’ age group, or a team they may be working with.

Number of Teams to be Formed

The number of teams formed at each age/gender group will vary depending on the number and level of players trying out, and, if the number of remaining players allows, a second team will be formed, and the process repeated until there are not enough qualified players to form another team. Teams will be matched to competitions including leagues, tournaments, and friendly events, according to their level of play.

No coach has the authority to communicate any information relative to team status. Coaches will be selected to teams after the team formation is completed by all roster spots being formally accepted by players notified AND required payment being made. As team formation is a fluid process, no player or parent will be given any information on the team roster until the team formation is complete.

Tryout Results Notifications

Offer letters for a roster spot will be sent via email. The first round of offers will be sent within 1 week of your last tryout day. Players who have received an offer for a roster spot will have 24 hours to consider the offer, accept or decline, and make the required payment. Acceptance of an offer will be recognized by payment. Payment plans are available. Not responding within the time frame specified in the offer letter may result in that spot being offered to another player.

Players and Guardians are required to agree to and sign the “Code of Conduct” document after registration. Failure to uphold these responsibilities may result in suspension from the club or team, or affect club eligibility in subsequent seasons.

Offer Protocol Violations

All coaches and Parents are prohibited from:

Recruiting any player currently rostered or offered a spot on another team;

Colluding with players and/or parents in an attempt to circumvent the tryout and team selection process

Any parent/player who feels a coach or other team representative may be attempting to improperly recruit or coerce them to a specific team should communicate directly with the Director of Coaching or Club President.

Any coach violating the offer protocol may be removed from all coaching responsibilities with the Club.