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Sam Taylor

About me

I’ve been a part of the soccer scene since 2003. I got my first taste of coaching in 2005. In 2007 I feel is where I firmly planted myself into the pursuit of becoming a better teacher/leader/coach. In 2007 I along with some local college players started to build out a grassroots club unique to our core goals and values. We wanted our club to focus more on player development, attitude, vision, and leadership. While we all agreed winning was both fun as well as important. Our sole purpose centered around developing the kids for the 11v11 game. I have been lucky enough to coach a range of age groups.

I moved to the Lacrosse area in late 2010. After moving to Lacrosse, I started a family. As my oldest son’s interest in the sport grew a new challenge awaited. I couldn’t wait! Today I am a proud father of 4. That enjoys his time on the pitch with my older son and only daughter. They along with the players I coach have taught me just as much as I have hopefully taught them. I see my skill set as well as my vision blending well within the VYSA program goals and aspirations. The opportunity to serve our club in multiple ways is a welcome responsibility.