Board of Directors

The board and members meet the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Previous meeting minutes

If you are interested in speaking to a board member or are interested in a current board position please email us at

Photo of Josh Potaracke

Josh Potaracke



  1. The calling and chairing of all membership meetings.
  2. Appointing officers and delegates as necessary.
  3. To delegate a representative of the association to serve as liaison to the governing league.
  4. Promote the goals and objectives of VYSA.
  5. Vote on Executive Board decisions and membership decisions only in the event of a tie.
Photo of Jeff Mackeben

Jeff Mackeben

Vice President


  1. Chairing membership meetings, in the absence of the President.
  2. Chairing all fundraising events when fundraising coordinators are absent.
  3. Promote the goals and objectives of VYSA.
  4. Oversee and assist Division Directors with tryouts and practices using approved formats.
  5. Act as co-director with each division director for each respective tournament, (assisting tournament director).
Photo of Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns



  1. Maintain accurate records of all VYSA finances.
  2. Sign all checks.
  3. Submit all required tax forms, such as 1099s, federal and state returns.
  4. Submit all payments for tournaments.
  5. Calculate player registration for fall season.
  6. Develop an annual budget, with the help of the board of directors.
  7. Submit monthly report of income and expenditures at each membership meeting.
  8. Prepare and present an annual, fiscal report for the previous year. This shall be presented for review and approval at the annual meeting.
Photo of Steve Roemen

Steve Roemen



  1. Recording minutes of all regular and special membership meetings, as well as minutes of the Board of Directors.
  2. Maintain all association records, exclusive of financial records.
  3. Notify all members of the annual meeting.
  4. Promote the goals and objectives of the VYSA.
  5. Reservation requests for fields, gyms, etc.
  6. Schedule and reserve room for board meetings.
Photo of Nick Schellenger

Nick Schellenger

Director of Coaching


  1. Choose and recruit team coaches and assistant coaches.
  2. Make available training opportunities and certifications known to coaches and assists with scheduling training/certification courses.
  3. Determine tryout dates and compile tryout results.
  4. Send out offer letters (with help from others)
  5. Track certification of concussion training.
  6. Line up referees for games.
  7. In charge of fields, game rules and regulations.
  8. Handle team placement within league games and tournaments.
  9. Make final decisions on roster placement.
Photo of Ben Filter

Ben Filter



  1. Collect player registrations and ensure all forms are completed (medical forms, concussion, etc).
  2. Submit player information into various registration databases and insure they are registered with the governing bodies that they compete in.
  3. Collect and take pictures as needed for player/coaching cards.
  4. Collect player/coaching cards and print if necessary.
  5. Set up online registration. Include the age spreadsheet with birth year.
  6. Work with coaching director on rosters
Photo of Kim Hottenstein

Kim Hottenstein

Tournament Director


  1. In charge of finding tournaments and registering teams
  2. Coordinate the scheduling of tournaments and fees for teams/players.
  3. Compile team binders with waivers, player cards, etc.
  4. Provides tournament information to parent reps and coaches.
  5. Communicate with team parent representatives and directs the seasonal meeting with parent reps.
  6. Distribute/coordinate forms and field information, including maps, to reps and parents as needed.
  7. Answer parent/guardian questions.
Photo of Erin Wencl

Erin Wencl

Fundraising Coordinator


  1. Make VYSA aware of potential fundraisers and sets up the fundraising efforts.
  2. Coordinate assistance as needed with VYSA players, families, board members and community volunteers.
  3. Find sponsors for fall and spring seasons, including FAST.
  4. Grant writer.
  5. Assist other board members with their responsibilities.
Photo of Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor

Equipment Manager


  1. Trained and certified in necessary programs to schedule referees for hosted competitions.
  2. Provide educational opportunities for referees.
  3. Support and evaluate referees.
  4. Ensure all equipment is in compliance with regulations of hosted competitions.
  5. Order jerseys for spring and fall seasons.
  6. Maintain, purchase and arrange storage of equipment.
  7. Order coaches’ apparel.
  8. Maintain relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods
Photo of Charlie Lawrence

Charlie Lawrence

Public Relations


  1. Check email account daily and manage online communication.
  2. Update VYSA website and social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  3. Answer parent/guardian questions.
  4. Communicate registration via email, website, facebook
  5. Make flyers and banners to promote fall and spring registration
  6. Display and distribute flyers and banners to reach the public