VYSA and Kickers Affiliation

Dear VYSA Members,

We are pleased to inform you the VYSA Board of Directors has voted to form a strategic affiliation with the Milwaukee Kickers (MK). This affiliation will provide many exciting opportunities for all players and coaches. As our club continues to grow, we must adapt to meet the needs of providing more programming for players, coaches and supporting the increasing administrative demands. The formal affiliation will begin on 3/1/24 where preparation will begin for full implementation during the 2024-2025 season starting in June.

This communication will provide background for the decision, a brief explanation of the structure, answers to important questions members may have, and links to help you become more familiar with our new partner and key staff. VYSA will continue to be a standalone, autonomous nonprofit organization with full control of our operations. This affiliation will not result in higher fees for VYSA members. We will continue to participate in family friendly tournaments and leagues of our choosing and we will not have any obligations to travel to the Milwaukee area due to this change.

Making a significant change to what started as a local grassroots soccer club may make some uncomfortable at first, and we expect many questions from our membership. The VYSA Board and employees are working very hard to manage a smooth transition and ensure the value to our players and families increases substantially with this affiliation. To assist with this process, we will be scheduling a meet and greet event with the VYSA Board of Directors and key staff from Milwaukee Kickers. This will take place on Wednesday Dec 13th. Location and time is currently being finalized and will be communicated in the coming days.

Please understand that VYSA has never been stronger. This affiliation is about setting our own path for our future with a like minded organization. The board has done its due diligence in vetting a partner of our choosing, which we have a shared mission, strategic vision and mutual understanding that community and family are at our core.

Why Milwaukee Kickers?

  • The Kickers have been established for over 50 years and is one of the largest youth soccer organizations in Wisconsin.

  • The culture, values, and goals of the two clubs are synonymous.

  • Exemplary full time employees with personal philosophies that align with VYSA.

  • The Kickers organization is very focused on player development and recreational players. The Kickers have options for elite level players through their affiliation with SC Wave.

  • The Kickers have experience with affiliated clubs and a large foundation of full-time soccer programming and administrative support we cannot reproduce.

  • Network consists of 12+ clubs, 6000 players, 400 coaches. Formal relationship with SC Wave for top prospects.

    Decision Considerations

  • For long-term succession planning we need continuity in programming and administrative support. VYSA’s board, registrar, coaching directors, operations directors, treasurer, equipment manager, coaches, and volunteers are mostly parents that will cycle through the club as their children leave VYSA.

  • The need for a more efficient delivery of modern soccer curriculum and training to players and coaches.

  • The growth in VYSAs membership numbers and the increase in desired services is pressuring the clubs paid and volunteer resources.

  • Hiring full-time staff (like most clubs of our membership size) would require almost doubling of member fees.

What will not Change?

  • No changes to 2023-2024 operations.

  • Membership fees will not increase as a result of the MK affiliation. Fees may change in the future (as in the past) based on cost of tournaments, coaches, travel, and services provided.

  • VYSA will remain a nonprofit standalone organization with its own board and employees.

  • VYSA will have final say in team formation, roster sizes, tournament selection, fundraising, and sponsorships. MK staff will assist upon request in these processes.

  • Non-travel programs like Holmen Park and Rec and Little Kickers will continue to be run by VYSA outside of the MK affiliation.

  • VYSA will have no obligation to travel to Milwaukee for leagues or tournaments outside of our own decisions to do so. We maintain full operational control and therefore VYSA will continue to select tournament and league play opportunities for our members.

    What will Change?

  • The majority of VYSA’s administrative work will be executed by full time MK staff, This includes registrar services, VYSA selected tournament registration and management, and treasury services.

  • Players and coaches can expect more thorough training and curriculum provided by MK. This will also include summer and winter training opportunities.

  • VYSA will have full access to highly qualified employees of MK including their professional coaching directors that are regarded as some of the best in the state and region.

  • Access to advantaged MK player uniform pricing.

  • VYSA will have improved representation with WYSA.

    Please get to know our future partners using the links below:

    Milwaukee Kickers Background

  • Club Philosophy https://www.mksc.org/about/

  • Key Staff https://www.mksc.org/about/directory/

    Thank you very much for your support of VYSA. We understand this letter will not cover all the questions you may have. To assist in preparation for the meet and greet event, please email additional questions you have about the strategic affiliation to info@holmenvysa.com. Please look for additional communication later this week with details for the event.

    Best Regards,

    VYSA Board of Directors